I like the Greater LA REIA because they share their knowledge about real estate, but they also bring speakers to teach real estate.

- Eric G.

As a new investor, you helped me with a hands-on approach that has been highly successful and financially rewarding.

- Justin R.

Not only did I learn the fundamentals of investing, but I also learned wholesaling, flipping, holding, and management.

- Gabe M.

The Greater LA REIA is the best education and guidance you will find if you are trying to buy your first investment property.

- Tom W.

The Greater LA REIA is a great way to learn RE investing. Networking is a must, and being involved is one of the best ways to do that.

- Chris V.

The Greater LA REIA offers so many opportunities to network and learn. I’ve learned that what I put in, is what I’ll get out of it.

- Larry B.